The Boat – Proteus

Incredibly stable and immaculate 10m Blythe Workcat with a massive 5m beam powered by twin 280hp Iveco engines Coded for 12 anglers up to 60nm offshore.
With a cruise speed of 15kn and sprint speed of 26kn we can get out to fishing grounds quickly and have plenty in reserve if we have to run for home.
Upgraded Raymarine Navionics running lighthouse software with the latest down-imaging & structure scan capability interfaced with 24 mile radar.
The Island wheelhouse means that there is almost 100 feet of fishing space, with a full boat of 12 anglers that means that you have over 7 foot of space per angler so even when we are full you will have more space than most other boats running with fewer anglers making every trip aboard a premium trip.
An on-deck vacuum flush toilet, inverter, microwave, tea boiler and full canopy will make your trip that bit more comfortable.
We have a 150 litre onboard live livewell to keep sandeel and fish baits in peak condition when targeting Bass, Cod, Pollock, Turbot, Brill & Tope.
We have our own flaked ice-machine (produces the same ice as you see in the fishmongers) so always have a plentiful supply of quality ice to keep your catch in pristine condition. This may seem like a detail but it is central to what we do and we are the only boat operating out of Brighton that offers this facility – catching quality fish and maintaining them to the highest standard for you to take home is right at the heart of what we are about.
We appreciate that you put a lot of effort into booking a trip and that you will probably want to take some fish back with you, leaving it in a bucket on deck, or in an ice chest with no ice (they are thermal insulators so will keep heat in as well as cold) for 6 hrs+ in 25 degree heat will rapidly lead to decomposition and in some instances it may slow cook your catch – might be ok in the winter months when ambient temperatures are lower but absolutely useless for the rest of the year……. At £3k+ commercial Ice machines do not come cheap but they are, in our opinion, an absolutely essential component of the broader charter fishing experience.

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