It is important that you are suitably attired when setting out to sea and the best advice is to layer-up with plenty of lightweight garments that you can add/remove depending on the prevailing weather. The following is a general guide and will serve you well in even the most demanding of conditions;

Waterproof footwear
comfortable trousers
base layer
Thermal fleece
Waterproof trousers
waterproof jacket
beanie style cap
sun hat/cap

It’s no fun being cold and wet (particularly when you are 20+ miles offshore) and staying warm and dry is not only a much more pleasant state to be in but it also significantly reduces the chance of becoming sea-sick.
Of course when we are in the middle of summer relax your dress to flip-flops, shorts and T-shirts!! Just watch those 10oz leads landing on your toes and make sure you bring some high factor sun block, hat & glasses to protect you from the glare off of the Sea. It is still advisable to bring along something to keep the wind out, particularly if you are fishing after sunset as the temperature differential is much more pronounced out at sea than on land.