Food & Drink

You will probably have had an early start to what will be a long day so its important that you remain hydrated and get some fuel onboard. Whilst we will provide you with lashings of tea and coffee there is no substitute for still water so bring a couple of litres along with you and remember to drink regularly.
Some light snacks and fruit will be fine on the food front and as with water, little and often is the way to see you through the day.
It’s worth reiterating here the message about alcohol consumption – It’s not smart to have a skin-full prior to your trip and certainly not advisable to treat it as some sort of party whilst fishing, it rarely ends well. If you have booked the whole boat we can agree what constitutes “reasonable”….. tearing into bottles of Vodka at 8am is certainly not! We want you and all others aboard to have a safe, fun and successful day so please respect our policy and your fellow anglers……. rant over!!!