Cod & Pollock Fishing

The English Channel is well known for it’s summer and winter Cod Fishing.  In the summer months cod can be found out on the mid channel wrecks off the Brighton and West Sussex coast and in the winter months the cod come closer in to the shoreline which gives us amazing inshore fishing.


Inshore Cod Fishing:

During the winter months we anchor up anywhere between 1 – 3 miles of the coast around reefs, sand banks and other features which hold cod.

  • Tackle:  30 – 50lb rods with 7000 size reels loaded with 60lb braid. Upto 2lb of lead using a running trace of 30 – 60lb mono and strong 8/O hooks
  • Baits:  Cuttlefish is the number one bait for winter cod fishing, however other baits such as squid, black lug worm with also catch.

Offshore Cod & Pollock Fishing:

During the summer months the cod move offshore and can be found on the wrecks out in the main channel (The deeper the better!).  See Wreck Fishing for more info.