Cod & Pollock Fishing

Mar  – July

We target both cod and Pollock from Feb – July each year. Most common tactics are to drift plastic lures over the wrecks anywhere between 10 and 40 miles offshore. The larger Pollock tend to arrive early in February and Cod a little later from April onward and continues throughout the Summer.


12/20 class rods, 7000 series (or 15/30) multiplier reel and good quality 30lb braided line. Ball weights are in the 6-12oz range.
Slow jigs in the 140 – 200gr range can also be very effective as the tide falls away and is becoming an increasingly popular way to to fish for both Cod and Pollock.

Even for the most experienced angler tackle losses can be significant but don’t worry, we have a fully stocked boat with plenty of the right weights and lures onboard to purchase.

Offshore Cod & Pollock Fishing:

During the summer months the fish move offshore and can be found on the wrecks out in the English channel (The deeper the better!).  See Wreck Fishing for more info.