Wreck Fishing

IMG 7947If you want big fish, these are the trips for you. The Sussex Coastline and off into the deep water of the English Channel is littered with 1000’s of wrecks. We drift & anchor these depending on what species we are targeting. Jan – March is peak Pollock season and double figure fish are common at this time of year. We drift the wreck for these and it can be fast & furious dropping down and winding up constantly, not for the feint hearted and you will need some stamina. Its a risk game, bigger fish generally hug the snaggy wrecks and you will need to be down there to catch them – too close and you loose your gear, too far away and you won’t catch; with practice you will get the feel of it and an 18lb Pollock steaming away toward the wreck takes some stopping! Cod appear on the wrecks from late April onward and steadily increase in size and numbers throughout the warmer months of the year as the water temperature increases. Occasionally we hit an off-shore wreck which is holding a huge shoal, it can be arm-wrenching sport landing these powerful and great eating fish.
Late Summer we anchor the wrecks for big Bream, Cod, Ling & Conger. Heavier gear required for the larger weights needed to hold against the tide and its all about big baits fished hard on the bottom.